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It’s Time to Banish the Enemy Within

How much time each day do you squander putting yourself down?
How often do you feel guilty about the choices you make?
How much time do you spend feeling like crap?

I'll tell you how much. Too much.

As women, we are our worst critics. We will blame ourselves for essentially being human.

It's heartbreaking.

What could we accomplish if we took that time and turned it into something proactive?

Like making this world a better place for future generations of women, which would make the planet better for everyone?

It's a new season, Ladies. And I'm not just talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters, which in Florida, we only have the Pumpkin Spice Lattes to signify autumn.

It's the season for turning the damaging habit of tearing ourselves down into lifting each other up. So instead, we will remind each other what makes us extraordinary.

  • Mom, you stuck with me and kept me out of trouble. God knows that's kept you busy for a very long time.

  • Sarah, you gave me a job and built me back up when no one else believed in me.

  • Michelle, you make the world's best baked goods.

  • Lisa, you share your experiences here with bravery and love.

  • Eileen, you bring sophistication and laughter to my Saturdays.

  • CuzKim, you know me better than myself and support my every endeavor.

Each day, our minds try to play tricks on us. It will tell us we are not worthy, undeserving, wrong, or some other ugly sentiment. Push those lies away and see what is magnificent in you. We all have a gift, Betches, so confess it now.

The BadAss Betch Squad is a scary venture that plagues me with self-doubt and fear from time to time. I am here to say I am NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I will show up until we have an Army of Betches working in service of today’s and future generations.

I expect you to join me because I believe you have a voice that can make a difference. So gather your betches, get in here, let your voice be heard, and let's change the world!

What is your gift? And I want some answers, Betches, or I will assign one to you! Let's hear your voices!

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