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The Power of the Shark Mindset

Do you ever have those days, weeks, or months that you barely manage to make it from waking up to bedtime? You’re walking through life, but you are not making any progress on your dreams or goals? Maybe you even shelved those dreams and goals to survive?

Let’s unpack this a little bit.

I can say with 100% certainty that every one of us has a gift, so do NOT dare say you don’t have one. However, I have a question for you. Are you sharing that gift with this world?

If you are, allow me to offer my congratulations! Keep going! Let us know what it is so we can support you in your endeavor.

If you are not, we need to talk.

I understand that it is scary to put yourself out there to share your dreams and goals. But there is nothing more tragic than letting a gift go unwrapped and unused. And I have established that the REGRET of idle talents is the most bitter taste of all.

So I’m going to say this only once - share your gift.

I listen to motivational speakers on YouTube every morning, and one of my favorites is Walter Bond and his Shark Mindset. According to his speech, “Sharks never stop swimming. If a shark stops swimming, it will die. If a shark goes backward, it will die. So think like a shark, act like a shark, and behave like a shark.”

BOOM! Mind blown.

It’s so simple when applied to your dreams and goals. Never stop moving. Keep moving forward. Do it or die.

We have to keep applying those principles every day of our journey to share our gifts. And a fantastic side effect to working it every single day is you’ll make PROGRESS. You cannot do something consistently without advancing.

I can feel there are a few skeptics out there.

You might remember a small fish named Dory who kept saying, “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!”

That was Disney’s life lesson: when facing difficulties, you have to keep moving forward, and change will come. If I’ve learned anything in this life, Disney movies will show you the way (except the dead parent thing – they are sickos with that theme).

Let’s get those gifts out, Ladies! And just keep swimming until we’ve changed the world!

How are you going to use your Shark Mindset?

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