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This Has to STOP!

My daughter, Hadley, accompanied her best friend to church last weekend. After the service, they were approached by a woman who asked the girls to talk to her in the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, this stranger looked at my daughter and said, "You're beautiful, but you're distracting the men from God. Next time wear a full shirt."

Hadley was wearing a peasant top with her shoulders covered and jean shorts on a Florida summer day. She may have had one inch of midriff bared, but otherwise, she was covered. Almost every other teenage girl at the service was dressed similarly, yet they were not reprimanded.

My daughter's transgression was she was walking around with a Falcon Figure. What is a Falcon Figure? It is the enlarged chest of a female born to the Falcon family (my grandmother's lineage).

This woman shamed my daughter for the body God gave her in HIS house!!!!!

Her actions are damaging on so many levels that it makes me feel exceptionally stabby! First of all, girls struggle with enough body issues without making a spectacle of them. Second of all, this lady was saying men have no control over their emotions in the presence of teenage breasts. Seriously?!

We have got to stop holding young women accountable for everything.

Also, we need to realize that teenage boys seeing the bare shoulders of girls in high school will not turn them into sex fiends.

It’s time to embrace control, decency, and manners. We can all move around on this earth without accosting each other physically or verbally.

I know there is courtesy out there. I’m just not sure about that lady at that church.

Do you agree it's time for this rampant judgment of females to stop?

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Linda DiRubbio
Linda DiRubbio
Oct 08, 2021

That lady is rude! Who does that shit?! 🤬

Replying to

I know! Mama Bear was ready to fight when I heard this incident!


That outburst from Church Lady is enough to put Hadley off churchgoing for the rest of her life. I hope not.

Replying to

You know Hadley too well, Eileen! She’s feeling a little salty about church right now.

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