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2022: It's Time to Come Clean

I HATE New Year's Resolutions.

Yeah, I know you do too, but I REALLY HATE New Year's Resolutions.

Being a Serially Obese Person since I was eight years old, the new year always meant it was time to start a diet. As I got older, it meant I'd be coming down from a MONSTROUS BINGE since Halloween in anticipation of January 1st. It was a mixture of fear, sugar withdrawal, and carrots.

It was AWFUL.

I will share a dark secret that I've only shared with a select few. In 1999, I had gastric bypass surgery.

I was morbidly obese and desperately wanted children, but I couldn't imagine it happening without profound weight loss. A few years earlier, I had lost one hundred and twenty pounds only to gain it back. So I could see no other option than surgery.

Long story short - the surgery worked. I had two babies. I proceeded to wreck the surgery that had given my children life.

Why? Because obesity is so much more than just putting food in your mouth.

This time last year, I decided to have the surgery once again. However, when I met with my surgeon, I expressed concern that my brain couldn't recognize "being full" signals.

My exact words were, "It's like my brain is missing a connection that allows me to hear when my stomach is full. And most importantly, it isn't strong enough to get me to stop eating."

Those words changed my life.

My surgeon prescribed two medicines that have allowed me to achieve those goals. For the first time in my life, I can register when my stomach is full and stop eating. It is like the emotional aspect of food has disappeared.

Best of all, I can drive by a Dairy Queen without having a crack monkey reaction. Now, it's just another store. Amazing.

Keep in mind, I am following the WW online program, so I am held accountable for what I eat. They have fabulous recipes, and I make healthy choices 95% of the time. I'll return to the studio once I'm in better financial shape because this is a mental journey. The more that I can cement healthy habits, the better.

So why did I decide to come clean at this time? Because I decided to make a Rest-of-Life Resolution. I want to enlighten people about obesity, as follows:

  • It is an addiction (we are like drug addicts and alcoholics)

  • It is sourced in the brain (fix the brain, and the body will follow)

  • Give obese people the respect they deserve (it is no longer acceptable to shame people for this addiction)

As Oprah Winfrey says, "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for."

Don't make resolutions this year. Instead, ask for the best. You deserve it!

P.S. I will not discuss the medication I am taking because you need to address it with your doctor. However, I'm sure they will know it if you mention what I said to my surgeon.

P.P.S. 67.6 lbs. down and counting. By the way, the goal is not in the numbers for me anymore. It's better health – check! Energy – check! Empowerment – check!

What do you deserve this year?

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