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Hollywood, It’s Time To Change

We've all seen it in the movies and on television before. We've all griped about it before. But, no, I'm not talking about the unattainable beauty and body standards of Hollywood. I'm not even mentioning the subject of ladies in movies waking up with a full face of makeup and elaborately coiffed hair. And my mouth is shut about those individuals who never eat or go to the bathroom for days.

My issue with you is the character's rate of recovery from injuries in the movies and television.

For the love of ace bandages, stop having people shot in the stomach one moment and running a mile the next. I don't want to see a woman give birth to a baby in one scene and save her children from monsters forty-five minutes later. And I can tell you from experience that if you fall two stories from a ledge and land on your feet, you will NOT be running away.

Not that I've fallen two stories. But I promise you will end up in the Emergency Room for X-rays, surgery the following day, and six months of physical therapy. I'm not bitter. At least not totally.

Hollywood, I have put up with every nitwit living in a HUGE, tidy house regardless of the city they live in or the job they hold. I have accepted that even low-income families can afford formal wear during prom season. I even withstood the degradation of every human having the perfect snarky retort for every situation.

But I no longer accept that a woman can carry her intestines in her purse and catch the bad guy on the same day.

I mean, if someone COULD do it, it would be a woman, but it's just not possible, so let's shelve that idea for everyone's sanity.

Get a clue and do better.

Have you got a beef with Hollywood? Feel free to share.

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2 commentaires

Well, I do have a beef with Hollywood. It is the Kardashians, but they never do anything to get injured, and thereafter run away heroically. That is another topic, I expect.

En réponse à

When it comes to the Kardashians, I have to remind myself that this site is a safe place where we don't say mean things about other women. Therefore, I will only say I really wish I could bottle their success for just one week for my bank account's sake. The end.

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