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What’s Your Purpose?

I still remember when my phone lit up last year with the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death. As if 2020 hadn’t been tough enough with a pandemic, lockdowns, and failing businesses. It made me sad thinking about a life full of promise cut short. He was a role model for many and a joy to watch in the movies for all of us.

It’s only been in the last six weeks that the gravity of this loss hit me. First, I happened across a partial video of a speech that Chadwick made for a graduating class. Later, I found it was his 2018 Howard University Commencement Speech. It was then that I witnessed the incredible gifts he shared. Not only was he an intelligent, talented man, but he gave terrific advice.

He talked about his purpose and what it cost him when he originally verbalized his concerns at a job. His questions caused him suffering and loss but ultimately led him to his greatest successes. Without the pain, he would never have found his purpose.

My purpose is certainly something that makes me wonder each day as I get older. As I see the clock ticking faster, I keep wondering about it and the legacy I’ll leave one day. I look at the choices I’ve made and wonder if they were the path to my purpose or the route to my demise.

I think about the laughter, joy, and love, which still outweigh the madness and mistakes, and I believe I’m on the right path (even though I tripped off the path a couple of times and still have dirt on my knees). But no journey is free of mishaps.

So I’m making a concerted effort to figure out my fight and how I need to fight it. I’m with Chadwick on believing in purpose. And there is no way in heck I’m going to throw that away.

It might be a messy trip, but I am most certainly going to arrive at my destination.

What’s your purpose?

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