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What Karate Taught Me About Safety

One of the best times in my life was when I studied Karate in my late twenties. Before joining, I started to fear for my safety as a woman. But, I continued because it was the first time in my life that I felt genuinely badass.

When I did it, there were only a handful of women were in class. Most days, it was just a bunch of guys and me. So I had to learn quickly to hold my own with the guys.

Luckily, my thunder thighs finally came in handy, and I had a killer kick. Interestingly enough, I could lift my leg to the point of kicking a six-foot man in the chin. It was glorious!

I learned a lot during my tenure in Karate. That education has stayed with me even to this day. They are lessons that we should all be familiar with for our safety and security.

  1. Scan the landscape for mutants. That’s my way of saying make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Mischief happens when you are not on guard. No talking on your phone in parking lots!

  2. ALWAYS avoid the fight if you have a choice. There is no shame in crossing the street to avoid a group of sketchy-looking people.

  3. NEVER allow yourself to be taken to a second location, if possible. Nothing good ever happens at a second location. The initial location usually has more exposure to people who could help you.

  4. Use your voice. Unfortunately, yelling “help” is ineffective. Instead, people often recommend “Fire!” as it causes people to find the source of the word. Regardless of what you say, make as much noise as possible.

  5. If someone touches you, feel free to open the gates of hell on them. Fighting back might be your only chance of survival.

  6. Women have as much power in their legs as men. Don’t be afraid to kick the living sh*t out of someone accosting you. Use those knees, too!

  7. Eye poking is highly effective. Use your fingers or keys not only to hurt your attacker but impair their vision.

  8. Run! Get the heck out of there the moment you have an opportunity.

Time and again, criminals say they will choose someone who isn’t paying attention over someone who looks like they’d put up a fight. So keep an eye on those around you, move with purpose, and have your keys ready if you’re driving.

Being prepared is your best defense.

Do you have any self-defense tips?

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Sep 12, 2021

Great Post Lyssa!! We call this "Situational Awareness," meaning quite obviously to be fully aware of everything around you in every situation. It keeps you safe, like in the example you provided with not being on the phone in a parking lot, have the keys at the ready and I would add that as you approach your car, look under it, do you see anything under it or shadows that someone may be hiding on the other side? What happens when you unlock the car with your key fob? Does it only unlock ALL the doors or just he drivers side. If all the doors unlock you put yourself at risk of being car jacked because someone can g…

Sep 13, 2021
Replying to

I hadn't thought of that either until I got my new car. Mine unlocks when I touch the door but it only unlocks my door, I have to unlock the other doors myself. I know a lot of key fobs, if you "unlock" once it is the drivers side but a double click on the fob will open all doors. Play with it at home, see how yours works. Good luck. 😁

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