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What is Your Curated Life?

I love the internet and all the beautiful things developed in our lives over a relatively short period. But then we have the side effect of social media. I pretty much hate it with the heat of a thousand suns.

Social media is like having that mean girl from high school whispering in your ear about all the great things she's doing while you sit in front of the television eating a pint of ice cream.

"All of the cool kids are at this party having fun, and you weren't invited! That's because you are too ugly, fat, and poor to wear these gorgeous designer clothes! And the cute, new guy would never date you! In fact, he doesn't even know you're alive! And do not even get me started about your car!"

That's what looking at social media feels like for me.

When I was a teenager, magazines served the same purpose, but we only had a handful from which to choose. If your money was limited, you had fewer opportunities to feel bad.

You didn't know about parties you missed until the following Monday at school. Unfaithful friend's indiscretions were only discovered through gossip. A lapse in judgment was witnessed only by the students in your school.

Being a loser felt a lot less invasive back then.

Now, everyone in the world knows everything you've done the instant it happens. So just as quickly, everyone will let you know how they feel about the situation. And don't expect them to use courtesy when voicing their opinions.

No wonder our mental health is in the toilet.

I've realized one of the most important lessons I can impart on my children is, "Curate the life you want, not the life social media expects of you."

Social media expects us all to be young, white, thin, blond, and blue-eyed. We have to be rich, famous, and influential. We must have a massive house with a sleek car outside, while our enormous group of gorgeous friends has the most fun anyone ever had in the history of humanity.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it because you know there's always going to be one a$$hole in the group who will drink too much and throw up on your carpet. That's the reality behind those curated pictures. But, unfortunately, it takes us a lifetime of heartache to realize the truth.

I wish for my son to recognize that his Curated Life consists of a football game, hot wings, and a puppy by his side. I pray for my daughter to realize that her Curated Life includes two best friends who are always ready with kind words and chocolate when times are tough.

My Curated Life has nothing to do with possessions but everything to do with connections. It used to be more about getting, but as I've aged, it's more about giving. Without the relationships that make up my world, there is no life.

Tell me about your curated life!

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Linda DiRubbio

Girlllll, I call it Fakebook! Totally right on the money with this one!



Ohhhh Lyssa, I love this one. You always make me think. Sometimes it's about being more kind or creative or funny or strong but this blog makes me want to bring all of those things together in My Curated Life. So my curated life would consist of making my house into a home, filling it with friends, love and laughter on a regular basis. Displaying pictures of the people and places I love and setting out the things that make me smile or hold a precious memory. It is about connecting with people and sharing experiences with them and learning from them. I will retire in about 4 and a half years and I am looking to "do" for oth…

Lyssa Ireland Thomas
Lyssa Ireland Thomas

I can’t wait to see you soar!

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