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What is the Sum of a Woman?

We come into the world in similar ways, shapes, and sizes. We are precious bundles of girliness that should be revered and cherished. Then all hell breaks loose.

Some of us grow to be gentle, soft, and quiet. At the same time, others of us move about like a small tornado – loud and destroying everything in our path. Finally, another group of us settled somewhere in-between.

As we near elementary school, we are usually told to speak softly, close our legs, and be feminine. If no one teaches us these rules, at some point, someone comments that we don’t act like a girl. Regardless, we are still fearless.

When middle school approaches, the hormones set in, and all we knew got flipped on its head. Most girls’ self-esteem plummets at this time, and we turn meek. Worse yet, we start to turn on each other. It is the most vicious years in our lives.

By high school, the hormones are in full force for everyone. We try to battle monthly mood swings and period pain with everyday life. So how do you manage schoolwork, extracurricular activities, relationships, and planning for the future under duress? For most, we hobble through because survival is what we do.

During college, we start to excel as we are finally in command of our feelings, not that we don’t still have to cope with upheaval once a month. We find our way, prepare for careers, and start to like ourselves more. For most, we begin to come into our own.

For those who have babies, we initiate a whole new program of hormones. Our bodies no longer are ours, which is not always bad, but it causes an onslaught of unfamiliar feelings. We give of ourselves at such a level that it is frightening.

For some, post-partum will be the worst hormone surge of our lives. It can consist of emptiness, sorrow, hopelessness, devastating fear, and anger, to name just a few emotions. It is an empty well that threatens to consume you.

Finally, after a lifetime of service to the human race, you are rewarded with menopause. It’s a never-ending cycle of hot flashes, murderous anger, intense sadness, loneliness, and a feeling of being mocked by society. There is no funnier joke than a woman in menopause. It is possibly the worst stage of all because there is no clear beginning and no clear ending. It can last over a decade, and no one seems to know how to fix it.

For sh*ts and giggles, let’s sum up the Male Journey:

1. Born

2. Puberty

3. Testosterone Loss

4. Death

Am I the only one who feels like it’s a little uneven?

Stick together, sisters. We are the only ones who understand the cost of being a female. We deserve a little compassion from each other.

What will you do to support other women?

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I love this, Lisa! I'll be right over!


Oct 10, 2021

Uneven? Absolutely. But for those of us who deal with men on a daily basis whether having a husband or a mostly male profession (police) we ALL know that they could never handle what we, women, go through throughout our life cycle. I mean, they can barely handle the common cold. I am with you that we need to build each other up and be there for one another no matter what stage we are in. I am currently dealing with the menopause and it sucks but that doesn't mean I can't support younger ladies because I have been there, done that and I can maybe help as they get older with what helps when it comes to menopause...…

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