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What Do You Do With Doubt?

At some point in our lives, we’ve all lived in the shadow of a doubt. Whether it was from family, friends, school, work, or ourselves, our reaction to it determines the direction of our lives.

Some humans use doubt as a safety mechanism. We do it to save hurt but usually end up prolonging the pain. Worse yet, it can have a long-term paralytic effect. We get so used to doubt that we fear trying anything beyond our comfort zone.

For example, I have so much weight to lose that I doubt I’ll ever reach my goal. Therefore, I either make it a self-fulfilling prophecy and fail. Or I never try at all.

Outsiders do it to us because they either have no faith in anything or fear that they may have to look at their doubts. It’s just easier to keep everyone on the same level or make sure no superstars surpass them. Those people should keep an eye out for Karma.

For example, I won’t hire her because she’s too old, and I doubt she can keep up with the technical aspect of the job. Or what if she’s so technical that she makes me, her boss, look stupid, and she eventually eclipses my success?

In both scenarios, we become victims of doubt, whether it’s our own or self-imposed ones. Either way, it’s limiting, and it’s a mistake.

So how do we position ourselves to win over doubt?

We DO.

We DO the diet and keep trying until we succeed. We DO the job hunt until we find the company that can finally see our gifts. Finally, we DO everything in our power to expose ourselves to opportunities that will lead us to success.

Making these changes does not mean that doubt will not creep in every so often. Doubt is a creepy little deceiver who’s lived in your head rent-free for a long time. It’s going to take practice to get rid of that trespasser.

I’m starting with OUTSIDE DOUBT first. Then, when I don’t get the response I desire from others, I will say to myself, “Bad connection! I guess they couldn’t see my vision. I’ll try someone else!”

Then I will move on to INSIDE DOUBT, which is the slippery little swindler. I will say to myself, “I have the skillset and the mindset. Now I have to be patient and wait for the opportunity to come my way. And it will come.”

I will keep working to turn DOUBT into DO each day. Do you know why?

The time will pass regardless, so wouldn’t I much rather have RESULTS than REGRETS in the end?

Are you going to DO or DOUBT?

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Sep 14, 2021

Thank you Lyssa for this post. This is EXACTLY what I needed at this time. You and your post have given me focus. Of course, I just have to share!! 😀 Things I will DO: *Lose the weight I need to lose so that I can have a surgery that will allow me to be more able bodied. ⚖️

*Add more content to my podcast and invite more people in to make it even better and support others around me wanting to do their own podcast. 🎤🎧

*Start writing one of the three books that I want to write: 🖋️💻

-One about finding two brothers after my mom died.

-One about empowering dispatchers

-One a collections of short stories about my life.

Sep 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Lyssa. I am looking forward to taking my life back and living it for me!! Stay tuned 😉

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