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There Are Worse Fates Than Being Fat

I don't remember a time when I wasn't hungry all the time. I'm not talking about Bored Hungry or Stressed Hungry, but Hungry Hungry. Even from a young age, I often wondered why I was hungry all the time.

By the time I was six years old, I was significantly larger than my classmates. But, by then, the relentless tormenting started, and each year my self-confidence eroded a little bit more.

During a pep rally in the junior high auditorium, I sat in front of a ninth-grade boy named Jeff. Jeff proceeded to spend that hour taunting me about my weight mercilessly to the point that I didn't think I would survive. I still feel bad for eighth grade me to this day.

That event started my yo-yo dieting trend that would take me to this very day. I have worked HARD to stay this obese. I've tried every diet and failed on all fronts.

Obesity is one of the final frontiers that is unprotected. It is perfectly acceptable to call someone fat. It is common practice to discriminate against overweight people. What's worse is it happens in public, and witnesses will often support it.

I'm here to say there are worse fates than being fat.

Look at alcoholism and drug addiction. It destroys families, wrecks careers, and can kill people if you drive while using.

Being a Serial A$$hole is far worse than being overweight. Those people ruin lives, alienate individuals, and are massively repulsive to be around. They can erase your will to live in seconds.

What about gamblers, smokers, kleptomaniacs, and pyromaniacs? Let's not forget our behavioral addicts with sex, pornography, video games, workaholics, pain seekers, spiritual obsession, and shopping addiction. Hold on, let's reassess that last one.

As an obese person, I never once lost control of my car after inhaling a large meal. Food consumption never affected my ability to raise my children, and it never depleted my household income. I have only cheated on Ben & Jerry with Haagen Dazs.

Seriously, what punishable offense have I committed?

Yet, I've spent my life internally apologizing to everyone for them having to see my body shape. My only sin was that my addiction was on display for everyone to see while they had the luxury of hiding their addictions.

I am not saying that obesity isn't a serious disease. I'm saying the opposite. Obesity is a very serious DISEASE.

Obesity is NOT laziness, lack of control, or careless behavior. It is a disease that is out of our control. Long-term obesity sufferers should experience the same level of compassion afforded drug addicts.

For me, my brain is always thinking about what I'm going to eat next. It's like my brain is missing the connection to tell me to stop. What freedom that would be to HAVE that voice, HEAR that voice, and OBEY that voice.

Seeing that roughly two out of three adults in the USA are now overweight or obese, maybe this storyline will begin to change. That is a LOT more people who are experiencing my plight than were in junior high.

It makes me wonder if Jeff has a "dad bod" by now. How do you like those apples, Jeff?

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