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The Picture of Inspiration

Every morning, I spend at least an hour listening to inspirational videos to help fine-tune my mind for the day. After sixty minutes of reminders of what I'm trying to do and where I'm trying to go, I always end up in the same place. That place is wondering why they always show sports figures when talking about high achievers?

In no way do I have anything against athletes other than white-hot jealousy. Some people are born with athletic talent, while others are born with less ability but a great desire to succeed. What about those of us born with ZERO athletic ability?

Is there a level below zero because I'm pretty sure that's where I reside.

My attempt at basketball ended in a fall from which a broken leg and sprained ankle emerged. My push at tag champion concluded in a broken nose and chipped tooth. My karate career was much more promising, but it almost ended my husband in jail because of bruises on my person that lasted eighteen months at a clip.

I showed a little promise during my Just Dance experiment when I was up against Hadley (as long as she was eight years old or younger). My bike riding undertaking was fabulous until a kettle of vultures carefully observing me scared me into retirement.

Then, finally, last year, my athletic pursuits were abandoned when I fell through a chair, which resulted in a fractured tibia. Three and a half months relegated to bed killed my athletic mojo for the rest of my life.

So here I am wondering why it always has to be athletes when depicting high achievers?

How about mothers who survive diaper blowouts with their dignity intact? Don't forget the pet mama who walks for three miles in one hundred degrees heat with her dog's poop hanging from her wrist. Finally, let's honor the gal who survives walking Universal Studios with a raging case of chub rub!

These people are the survivors who dig deep to keep going through the bad and the worse. Heroes never give up. Instead, they keep moving forward until the job is complete.

I think it might be time to change the picture of inspiration. My vote is for the real heroes who show perseverance.

What is your image of inspiration?

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Sarah Girkadirk
Sarah Girkadirk
Aug 11, 2021

I've always felt that mothers who have 3 or more children under the age of three are the ultimate surviving Champions! I've personally seen only a few mothers buckle from the weight of poopy pants and garbage piles! Honestly! Who can take the garbage out when you have three needy children at your feet? Having only one child thus far, I look at those mothers and bow in respect saying, "I'm not worthy!"

I say the same for first-time mothers who have twins. Wowzah! Now that deserves a medal of some serious value!

Replying to

I’m definitely adding them to the list, Sarah!

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