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Petition for Another Mother's Day

Anyone who has been a mother knows it's a 24/7, relentless, soul-crushing job—just kidding—sort of.

I've said it before, and I'll repeat it again, "Motherhood: the hours' suck, and the boss is abusive."

Seriously, the workplace protects us better than our own homes.

If asked if I had to do it again, I'd say, "100%, absolutely yes!"

I gave birth and raised two of my best friends in the whole universe. That's a pretty incredible thing.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to petition for an additional Mother's Day. There is nothing against fathers, but these are a few encounters I've navigated over the years. Keep in mind; all examples happened when their father was in the same room or house.

  • "Mom, my belly button is too tight."

  • "Mom, I need toilet paper!" (from the bathroom during a wicked poop.)

  • "Mom, I'm hungry!" (56,000 times a day AND I can't cook AND they know it.)

  • "Mom, can we talk about Pokémon?" (during the workday when I work virtually from home AND their dad has the day off.)

  • "Bark, bark!" (the dogs demanding I let them out when their father is downstairs by the door.)

Then there are the times that we try to stay "in the know" with their language, trends, and music.

I used to be the "Queen of Teen Slang" before the pandemic hit. I've had a couple of viral TikToks, while my husband still calls them Tick Tacks. And I enjoyed Travis Scott‘s and Post Malone‘s concerts as much as my kids did, except for the pyrotechnics that made me worry about fire safety. I AM still a mom, you know.

There are times that you have to step back from the trends. Hadley has this hysterical retching sound she makes when she hates something. I tried to mimic the noise and almost barfed on the front of my shirt. Respect your limits.

Anyway, I think it's time to petition the People Who Determine Holidays (anyone got a name of who does this?) and ask for an additional day of celebration for all of us who endure these additional requestions (my new word for requests and questions – embrace it).

While we're there, why not make it a week? You know we deserve it!

What requestions (see – I used it!) have you endured?

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