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P!nk, Raise Your Glass!

I have an entire twelve-month gap in my life where I have no idea what music came out during that time (March 2002-March 2003). During the first year of my son’s life, I listened exclusively to Laurie Berkner, a children’s singer who makes terrific kid’s songs. Not a day went by that my Mom and I didn’t sing "Victor Vito" or "We Are the Dinosaurs" to Braeden in the car. While Laurie’s fun lyric’s kept me from wanting to kill myself, your brain will turn to mush from too much kid’s music.

Around Braeden’s first birthday, I picked up P!nk’s M!ssundaztood CD. It was the first time I’d heard P!nk or adult music in a year. I went nuts and played that CD 24x7. I loved P!nk’s voice, her lyrics, her style, and her attitude.

After hearing P!nk’s songs “Family Portrait” and “My Vietnam,” I became increasingly worried about her welfare. Even though I knew that she was an adult, I still wanted to adopt her and raise her with my son. I wanted to give her the motherly love and acceptance that seemed missing for her in her songs. I have no idea if they were true, but I still fretted.

Fast forward to today, and I’m thrilled to say that I see a model mother in P!nk! Despite having a hectic career, she makes her children a top priority. Every picture I see of her is of a hands-on mother who very much integrates her family into her career.

Recently, she and her daughter, Willow, did an acrobatic performance (go to the 3:15 mark) at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards to their song, “Cover Me in Sunshine.” It was amazing to watch the beauty of their athleticism but breathtaking to witness their connection. Their love was palpable.

To me, P!nk is an inspiration because she is the embodiment of change. She has created a family that defies the odds and all expectations. Best of all, P!nk is a badass from head to toe. She supports all things women empowerment and is unafraid to use her voice.

I want to raise my glass to P!nk, the Original BadAss Betch! Keep doing what you’re doing!

By the way, I don’t want to adopt her anymore. I’m kinda hoping she’ll adopt me.

Do you have a favorite P!nk song or memory?

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