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How to Figure Out If You Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

There used to be a time that I would worry that my skirt was in my pantyhose. Then women pretty much abolished pantyhose, which as one with thunder thighs I cannot thank you enough! Then there was a time I was scared of toilet paper stuck to my shoe. Oh wait, never mind.

But there is a widespread issue in women's wear, and it is bra size. According to The New York Times, eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong bra size!

Ladies, we are letting the girls down, literally and figuratively!

According to this article, several issues lead us to make mistakes in selecting the correct size. First, there are no sizing standards. A B-cup for one brand can vary from another brand. Second, women haven't learned how a bra is supposed to fit.

It's a miracle I haven't been wearing my bras as a hat.

So how do we realize this sweet spot? There are online companies like ThirdLove and True&Co. that help shoppers find the perfect fit. They base recommendations on breast shape. I guess I'm looking for a "floppy sweat sock?" Fortunately, their breast shape names are less soul-crushing.

Thankfully, more companies are embracing sizes greater than D cups. A quick reality check for those who might experience "cup envy," I fall into the larger end. I have spent a lifetime in ugly, utilitarian bras that cut into my shoulders to be unable to produce sufficient milk for either of my children. I would have traded the girls for the gorgeous offerings in A/B cups any day.

I highly recommend you pop over to The New York Times article to get help on how to find a great bra. The points they make will tell you very quickly if you are wearing the correct bra or not.

My mother, who is a seamstress and a Bra Expert, regularly counsels me on my fit. Since her ample chest has always looked relatively perky, I've heeded the advice she shares with me:

  • Pull up your straps; the girls are on the floor!

  • You're spilling out of your bra; you need a bigger cup!

  • When your boobs hit your waistband, you look twenty years older!

  • Get your tits to the level of your armpits!

I might have taken a little bit of creative license with how she talks, but the advice is the same.

Okay, Ladies, let's give the girls a lift!

What's your bra advice, or have you just given up and tossed them?

Feel free to leave comments! If you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will see the comment box. We'd love to hear from you!

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Aug 20, 2021

I too and on the larger side when it comes to the girls. I have ALWAYS had big boobies. During the summer of my fourteenth year I went from a modified training bra to BAM Double D's!! 😮 It was a crazy time and when we went back to school everything changed. I leaned pretty quickly that bras for me were not really very cute and well, it was also the early 80's so Playtex was really the only one offering up support but they were so pointy that it would make Madonna jealous. 😁 However, being young and of an average build, the girls were perky and held up pretty good on their own, the support wasn't …

Replying to

Those pointy Madonna bras were the worst! 😝

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