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How Do You Change Your Lifetime Role?

We've all been assigned roles in our lives. I'm not talking about mom, sister, businesswoman, or great cookie maker. I'm talking about "the one always overlooked for a promotion," or "the overly emotional one," or "the one who will never get her love life together."

These are nametags emblazoned on our chests that people automatically perceive in us. These pre-conceived notions have held us down for years or decades, lowering the joy experienced in our lives. But, the most dangerous thing of all is over time, we have come to believe them ourselves.

Someone was wrong when they originally assigned these parts to us, but we began to accept them over the years. So who is responsible for the wreckage at this point? The people who assigned the part or us for believing the designation?

It doesn't matter. It is our fault if we continue to allow that nametag to sit on our chest. Only we can tear it off and throw it in the trash.

Making this change will be one of the hardest things you'll do in your life. People will continue to thrust you into that role, but you have to have faith that it is not your destiny. I promise you this will lead to some of the most challenging times in your history.

You will want to quit.

You will want to cry.

You will question yourself.

Adversity is meant to test your resolve. It wants to know how bad you want something. If you are only dipping your toes in change, it'll immediately send you back to the painful status quo. On the other hand, if you are wholly determined to make the conversion, no level of adversity can stop you.

While amid this change, you may feel like you are losing all hope. Showing weakness during this time does not mean you are not strong. It is a test of your dedication to your end goal. You have a choice give up or keep moving forward.

This is the moment before a breakthrough! You CANNOT give up! This is when you show life that you are a survivor!

One thing I can promise you is if you quit, you will remain BROKEN. But, if you kick adversity's a$$, you will become UNBROKEN.

I have lived too long under the rules of others' ideas of where I should exist. I know what I can achieve, and I'm going to do it. I will prove what I've known about myself my entire life. I am a badass.

Are you going to believe in yourself even if no one else does?

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