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Find Someone To Help You Through Life

None of us make it through this life alone. Connections are the foundation that keeps us moving forward.

Sometimes it's family - other times it's friends. And then there are the times that you meet those special people who should have never been a part of your life, but somehow destiny brought you together.

Everyone should have #SquadGoals.

Who hasn't wanted to live with the Golden Girls? Maybe you wanted to party with the ladies in Girls Trip? And seriously, who didn't want to be a Barden Bella in Pitch Perfect?

Every girl needs backup.

When we work together, we are pooling our superpowers into something magical. Females in pursuit of a singular goal can change the world.

We are in the midst of a pretty grim part of our history. I'd be lying if I said it didn't keep me up at night wondering what kind of world my kids are inheriting. I'm more than a little worried about my ability to successfully rebound from some of the bad sh*t that has been happening.

This is where this Squad comes in.

We need to build the BadAss Betch Squad so that we are there for each other. Luckily, when I'm having a tough day, Sarah picks me up and dusts me off. I offer the same service for her.

We need you to get into the Forum section of this site and start talking to each other. I need to know what you want to learn about women's issues. I will research anything for you! Also, we need ideas on how to make this world better for females.

Sitting back is not an option. We can only move forward with ACTION. I am begging you to make your voice be heard!

Do we not deserve better than we have had? I refuse to give my daughter the world I got. You are the ladies I need to help me through life.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference? I know you do, but do you?

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