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Female is a Superpower

five women in pink with their hand gathered together.

Society does a lot to try to make women feel like the weaker gender. But, from birth, so much is out of our control.

“Keep your opinions to yourself, cross your legs, don’t be too loud, and look pretty,” they say.

Today, I feel guilty when I see a beautiful little girl because I rarely comment on her exquisiteness. I’m afraid she won’t realize she is so much more than just her appearance.

I celebrate those girls who shout, run and take on the world in an aggressive manner.

I hate that I want to force my teenage daughter to wear a bra. I’m not particularly eager to remind her to be aware of her surroundings when she goes out. Yet this is the world we occupy.

It’s time we unveil our superpowers and take a seat at the table.

Our daughters should be able to expose their shoulders and legs in school. Our voices need to be heard in meeting rooms because not only are we creative, but we are natural multi-taskers. We need to be able to run errands after dark without fear for our safety.

How can we change a world so steeped in male privilege?

We start with our boys. First, we teach them to respect girls. Then, we make sure they hear our voices.

We have to empower our girls. So, first, we remind them they are warriors. Then, we remind them to speak loudly, clearly and make their intentions known.

We need to bond together on female issues and make our voices heard.

Grab your capes, ladies. There is a lot of work to be done. But we can do it.

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