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Don’t Pull at Threads

One of the worst things we do as humans are we pull at the threads of our lives. Sometimes we are better served by keeping our heads down and moving forward.

One of the most challenging times in my life was when my children were small. A typical day would transpire, as follows:

I can remember a subtle but constant feeling of overwhelm during this time, but I kept moving through each day. Each year brought more freedom. And more challenges. Now, as an almost-empty-nester, I would kill for a little more of that time with my kids.

I've realized during my life not to delve too deep into my feelings (or pull at threads). It can only lead to dissatisfaction and unrest at a time when we have few choices.

Just because I didn't pull at threads didn't mean I didn't talk about my worries or guilt. I just didn't entertain thoughts of what it would be like not to have so many responsibilities. I limited my choices. And the choices I could have made would have only upset the balance of my life and caused more problems.

The beauty is that time will put a rosier glow on those memories. You will look back on those moments as hectic but a sweet stage with your children.

My advice? Keep moving forward. If you pull at the threads of a blanket too long, pretty soon you have nothing left.

Nobody wants a life that works that way.

What threads have you avoided pulling?

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