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Are You Serious, Fox News?

Would somebody like to explain why my phone is blowing up with the news that Chelsea Clinton was spotted running in the Hamptons before the Lewinsky miniseries premiere?

Seriously, Fox News, that was all you could find to report? So allow me to give you a scoop. The is a little something happening in Afghanistan that you might want to report.

All I can think about is Chelsea begrudgingly putting on shorts and a t-shirt to crank out a quick run that morning. She probably found someone to watch her three kids for thirty minutes so she could work off the Ben & Jerry's she ate while watching Big Brother the night before. Again, just a brief run to clear her mind.

Instead, she got some greasy paparazzi taking her picture and Fox News reporting on what must have been the most embarrassing days of her life.

Bringing up that story is the cheapest of cheap shots, Fox News.

Chelsea Clinton's name has no place in context with this conversation, especially this many years later. I didn't even know if I wanted to have children when this scandal happened. My children are grown now.

My heart constantly ached for Chelsea regarding this story. I can only imagine the teasing that ensued throughout her childhood from her peers from something she had no control. I'm sure that she suffered more than her father did.

Mentioning Chelsea in this conversation comes back to the storylines we place on females. Did anyone bring up Barron Trump when they discussed his father's indiscretions (this is not a political statement, but a female vs. male observation)? Chelsea was the real victim in that story.

I'm done with you, Fox News. You do not take one woman's innocent run and turn it into a poor excuse for news. The fact that you even call it news tells me you are in the wrong business.

I support women, fitness, Ben & Jerry's, and leaving blameless parties alone.

Do you have a favorite news station other than Fox News?

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Linda DiRubbio
Linda DiRubbio


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