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Ever had a female-related life question that you couldn’t answer?  Us too!

We have a group of Resident Advisors for every stage of your life.  We are not talking about PhDs, but real women who have persevered at different stages of life willing to share their secrets of success.

We can address the following subjects (to name a few):

  • Female Issues (17 years – 75 years experience)

  • Household (8 years – 60 years experience)

  • Marriage (10 years - 57 years experience)

  • Motherhood (18 months – 55 years experience)

  • Relationships (a lifetime of experience)

  • Shopping (our source is so good it’s scary!)

  • Workplace (15 years – 30 years experience)

These are just real-time, real-life, down-home answers to what is bugging you.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll answer questions in the blog under the category Ask BABS.

If you want to remain anonymous, do not fill out your First Name, Last Name, or Email Address.

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante
Ask BABS Anything!

Please give us some time to answer your question. You can find answers under Blog > Category > Ask BABS.

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